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Cornerstone Cardlock

High Quality Fuel That's There When You Need It

What if you could get as much top-tier fuel as you need at any time you want? Enough diesel to take an eighteen-wheeler to B.C. and back at 3 am on Christmas day?

Cornerstone Co-op’s Cardlocks give you, your farm operation or your company the ability to buy the fuel you need whenever you need it. Because you pay with your Cardlock card and fuel up yourself you don’t have to plan around opening times, because we buy in bulk you can trust our prices and because we’re a co-op, when you join our Cardlock program you’re taking an ownership stake in a co-operative that gives back to its community and 30,000+ owners.

And you can manage your Cardlock card straight from your Co-op app!

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TOP TIER™ Gas & Premium Diesel

TOP TIER™ gas goes above and beyond the government standards to ensure protection and performance. To be TOP TIER™ certified, gasoline must pass rigorous tests to make sure that consumers’ engines are protected to the highest level.

Just like TOP TIER™ gas, Co-op Premium Diesel with Eco-Performance Technology is formulated to boost performance while cleaning your engine’s critical components. Whether you’ve got a modern or legacy engine, Co-op’s Diesel works to optimize performance in High-Pressure Common Rail (HCPR) fuel injection systems, cleaning as you drive.

Co-op is all about being there for our community, and that includes the vehicles they need for work and play. This is why we enhance all fuel at Co-op gas bars and cardlocks with TOP TIER™ detergents that protect both modern and legacy motors, removing deposits from valves and injectors and improving mileage and performance.

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The Co-operative Refinery Complex

The Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC), fuel’s Western Canada by producing more than 6.0 billion litres of refined petroleum products per year. The gasoline, diesel, and petroleum products the CRC produces are distributed to more than 780 Co-op gas bars and card-lock locations across Western Canada. As one of Canada’s largest refineries the CRC provides jobs for more than 1,000 residents in Regina, Sask.

The history of the CRC is a Western Canadian success story. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, a group of farmers got tired of paying high prices for fuel and decided there had to be a better way. Eight farmers risked their own money and land to establish their own petroleum refinery to supply what was then a very small chain of Saskatchewan farmer-owned gas stations. Then, the CRC was born.

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Summer Promotions On Now

Bulk Fuel Sales

Fall Early Delivery Promo

Order your Premium Fall Dyed Diesel Fuel today and don’t pay until October! Early delivery on Dyed Diesel available until September 30, 2019. Click here for more details.

Harvest Oil Sale: D-MO | T-HF | Grease

Total Equipment Protection with Cornerstone Co-op Fuel! D-MO (Diesel Motor Oil), T-HF (Transmission Hydraulic Fluid), and Sonic Grease products are all on sale now until August 31, 3019. Click here for more details.

To learn more about our Bulk Fuel service or either of these promotions, call the Petroleum Office in St. Paul at 780-645-1728 or Vermilion at 780-853-4337 or contact us by clicking the button below.


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Fuel Tank Program

As your business or farm grows so does your fuel consumption, and you should be concentrating on bigger things than placing and maintaining fuel tanks as your need for capacity rises. That’s why Cornerstone Co-op allows you to lease large or small fuel tanks, to be supplied with TOP TIER™ Gasoline or Premium Diesel.

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Co-op Propane

Whether you’re fueling your home, a busy farm or a major industrial enterprise, if you need propane then Cornerstone Co-op should be your first call. We are fully licensed and equipped to install SMART Propane tanks on your property or at your business and keep them topped up with top quality propane. With Co-op Propane you’ll get great service and 24-hour emergency response.

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Cornerstone Co-op

Owners Matter

We believe in the power of people coming together for a common cause and co-op owners know that there is power in numbers. Co-ops were built upon that concept of collective power, knowing that when you multiply a single dollar by thousands you can create the resources to build something better. Knowing that collectively we can do more, and when thousands of owners come together the impact of a single individual is multiplied by a factor of tens of thousands.

There is nothing quite like a co-op.

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